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Today we have been notified of Live Tracker Monitor for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Some may consider the app as a form of spying but I have to disagree and as far as I am concerned it has some great benefits and could even be a life saver. To cut a long story short, with Live Tracker Monitor installed on a PlayBook you are able to track other BlackBerry smartphone users who have the phone app installed anywhere in the world. Sounds good, right?

There are three versions of the PlayBook application: Live Tracker Monitor Enterprise, Live Tracker Monitor Lite and Live Tracker Monitor free, so depending on your requirements will dictate which version of the app you will need to download.

We will of course be putting the app through some vigorous testing over the next week or two so expect to see a full review on CrackBerry soon.

In the meantime you can see the full press release and download links below:

Skylab Mobilesystems Limited is proud to announce the release of Live Tracker Monitor for BlackBerry® PlayBookTM. This unique application for the BlackBerry® platform allows the user to track the whereabouts of anyone who has the free Live Tracker app installed on their BlackBerry® Smartphone. The intuitive user interface and a Special OPS styled color scheme makes Live Tracker Monitor easy to use.

Live Tracker Monitor comes in three versions: Enterprise, Lite & Free. The Enterprise version is ideal for large companies, allowing to track up to a 1000 BlackBerry® Smartphones. The Lite version allows the user to track up to 10 devices and is ideal for small companies or private use. The Free version allows the user to track 2 BlackBerry® Smartphones.

  • Live Tracker Monitor Features
  • Accurate Geolocation through GPS or cell tower triangulation.
  • Comprehensive World Map, ability to zoom into street level.
  • Quick Refresh of Location Points.
  • User-Friendly Interface with Multi-Touch Support.
  • Precise Coordinates for Locations.
  • Intuitive user interface & Special OPS styled color scheme.

Live Tracker Monitor is the ideal solution when tracking the whereabouts of employees, friends or family members. Live Tracker Monitor can be downloaded at BlackBerry App World.

Live Tracker Monitor Enterprise:

Live Tracker Monitor Lite:

Live Tracker Monitor Free:

The free Live Tracker Client app for BlackBerry Smartphone can be found here. -

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