e-Office Mobile Data Tracker!

Travelling abroad and worried about roaming data usage? On a limited data plan and need to know how much data usage you are incurring? Or maybe you're just curious how much data is being used by an application? Then eOffice has just the application for you, e Office Mobile Data Alerter allows you to keep a watchful eye on all your data usage be it local usage on your home carrier or WiFi network or when travelling abroad on another carrier's network.

It also allows you to set up specified alerts, so for example if you have only a 500MB data plan you can set up an alert to go off at 400MB letting you know you are 100MB away from owing your carrier some extra coin. Built in is an application viewer as well, so you can see what applications are currently running thus allowing you to shut down any that may not be in use but are sucking back data. Great Features, nice looking UI and extremely useful. For more information and pricing info, visit the link below.