Continuing a tradition that started in 1955 when a Colorado Springs newspaper mistakingly printed NORAD's phone number in an ad and a child called the number asking the whereabouts of Santa Clause, NORAD will once again be tracking Santa for all of us patiently waiting for the big guy to arrive. Things will be a little bit different this year though as NORAD and Google have teamed up to bring us BlackBerry users out there updates on Santa's location. Utilizing Google Maps search function to search "norad santa" will give you the current location of Santa. Just awesome!!

Now this is great for those on the move needing to know the big guy's whereabouts, but Google now also has a Santa tracking service with its free Google Earth download as well for those of you staying at home on Christmas eve who want to catch the action ona a bigger display. I know my son and I will be tracking Santa, will you?