As a certified gadget and geek lover, more often than not I find myself ordering more and more online. Whether it be Doctor Who DVDs, a nerd themed gaming subscription box, or even the latest smartwatch, there is always a package in transit somewhere that eventually winds up on my doorstep. Being that I work full-time, I do track them to make sure they are delivered on-time. There are a few ways of checking from your BlackBerry but there are a variety of third-party applications at your disposal as well. One such application is Track a Pack, which owes its existence to one of the BlackBerry Jam Camps held this past year. 

Currently, Track a Pack supports tracking parcels shipped via USPS or Canada Post. FedEx and UPS are planned for inclusion later on. For me that is not really an issue as most of the items I receive are shipped via USPS with one of my subscriptions sent with Canada Post which makes this quick and convenient. 

The interface is clean, smooth, and easy to navigate and add packages. Just enter in your tracking number, description, and service and it handles the rest. While it refreshes information automatically based on your selection in settings, there is an option to force a refresh from the side action menu as well. 

Overall, this is a decent tracking alternative for multiple shipments (especially during the holidays) and is not bad coming from a new developer. You can grab it at the link for $.99 for BlackBerry 10.

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