Track, manage, and optimize your battery life with 100 copies of Battery Fiction Pro

Since I picked up the BlackBerry Passport, one of the things I knew I could count on was battery life. While the current operating system does monitor Battery Usage, I found an email from a native BlackBerry 10 developer letting me know about their application aptly titled Battery Fiction Pro.

Battery Fiction Pro was designed as a headless application to optimize and manage your battery. It offers several features to boost battery life as well as offer notifications to alert you of various loading conditions so as to maintain the life of the battery.

When you launch the application all of the information regarding the battery's condition is display right in front of you. From here you can see the battery level and temperature, discharge time, charge time, battery availability, battery type and condition, cycle count, battery technology, and nominal voltage of battery. At the bottom of the screen is a shortcut to the Battery Usage screen in System Settings/Device Monitor. In the center of the screen is also a battery optimizer to extend the life of the battery up to 15%. Also, the Active Frame displays the discharge time, temperature, and percentage of battery life remaining.

If you swipe to the right, you are presented with even more options for caring for the health of your battery. One of which is called Smart Charge. This feature aims to extend the life of the battery as long as possible. It does this by changing how the battery charges as time goes on. There are three types of charges, Trickle Charge, Healthy Charge, and Fast Charge, which the developer describes as follows:

  • The trickle charge is a charge rate that is moderately high / low enough to keep a fully charged battery, but avoid overheating.
  • A healthy charge keeps your battery in good condition with constant charging until it is fully charged.
  • A fast charge is a typical intelligent charging algorithm that quickly carries a battery to about 80% of its maximum capacity, before moving to the healthy way, passing a constant current mode, which helps to stabilize the battery electrons for the remaining 20% and thus allow the same long-term.

Finally, users can manage which notifications and alarms they can receive in the Hub depending on their battery's status. However, please note if you wish to use Notifications, Charger Alarms must be turned off and vice versa. There are several notification alerts and charger alarms listed which users can simply toggle on and off. These include charger plugged/unplugged, battery level, battery low/full/overheated, and incompatible charger.

While Battery Fiction Pro normally sells for $2.99 in BlackBerry World, the developer is running a promotion whereby you can download the application for free with a promo code.

To take advantage of this offer, simply follow these steps:

  • Launch BlackBerry World
  • Swipe down from the top and select Redeem
  • Enter in this code: BATTERYFICTIONFREE

While it does not offer a graph showing the discharge time, you can use the link to the Battery Usage screen. If you are looking to keep track and maintain your battery life this is a decent app that gets the job done.

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