TPSoft offering four free apps to celebrate Lunar New Year

To celebrate Lunar New Year also known as Chinese New Year, TPSoft dropped by the CrackBerry Forums to let us know they were giving away four of their apps for free with over 10,000 copies of each available. Which apps? Glad you asked. Here's the list:

  • 7 Minute Workout - Full body workout in just 7 minutes
  • English Dictionary 10 - Native dictionary for BlackBerry 10
  • Message Book Pro - Templated messages that you can send to friend and family
  • bEmpty Icon - Empty creates invisible app icons on your home screen that allow you to show off that sweet background picture or organize your apps the way you want (Update: Seems you need 10.3+ for this app)

The code is set to expire on February 27th though, do keep in mind it could expire sooner if all the copies allocated get scooped up before that time. To download the apps, head into BlackBerry World, swipe from the top, go to redeem and enter in code LUNARNYTPSOFT. Be sure to drop a thanks to TPSoft if you download any of them!