Sea Battle

Back in April Kevin checked out Sea Battle, a great game that was only available for trackball devices. I got an email from Danny at Toysoft today letting me know that Sea Battle is now BlackBerry Storm ready. Sea Battle is a Battleship game with great clean graphics and cool animations. Each player starts with 5 ships, and the first to destroy the opponent's fleet wins. It runs very smooth on the Storm and takes full advantage of the device's features. This is a great time killer and a steal at only $1.99. Pick up Sea Battle in the CrackBerry App Store.

Toysoft has also updated their popular PictureID app. PictureID allows you to utilize full-screen caller ID on your device. We checked out PictureID when it first came out, and a load of bug fixes and revamps has spruced up PictureID 2.1. PictureID is available for $9.99.