Hockey Gold!

To celebrate the end of the 2010 Olympics, ToySoft is offering up 2010 free copies of their BlackBerry games. Everything is first come, first served, so get in on the action now so you don't miss out. You can choose from Ballz, GoFish, Lucky7Slots, Battleship, TapOMania, WackOMole and PicPuzzle. Hit up the links below and head to the mobile app store, then use the coupon code OHCANADA to receive the 100% discount. After you download, be sure to hit the up the forums and say thanks. You better hurry - these are sure to be snatched up quick!!

  • Download Ballz for Storm >>
  • Download GoFish for Storm >>
  • Download Lucky7Slots for Curve, Bold, Tour, Storm >>
  • Download Battleship for Curve, Bold, Tour and Storm >>
  • Download TapOMania for OS4.2+ >>
  • Download WackOMole for Storm >>
  • Download PicPuzzle >>
  • Download PicPuzzle for Storm >>
PS: yeah, yeah, I lost the bet to Kevin that the USA would win the gold in men's hockey, but at least with the wonder of Photoshop this photo says otherwise :-)