ToySoft has brought their popular BlackBerry 10 app Power Tools to the Priv

Although we haven't heard from many BlackBerry 10 developers looking to move their apps to Android, the folks at ToySoft have slowly been releasing a few of their popular BlackBerry 10 apps onto the Google Play Store as well as creating new apps for the platform. The latest Android app for them is the well known BlackBerry 10 app, Power Tools, and it's jammed packed with features, options and settings that aim to improve your overall smartphone experience.

  • Battery Saving Mode - Set to turn off Wifi, Bluetooth and dim screen brightness when the battery level is low
  • Geofencing - Create trigger events when you Enter and Exit a location. You can turn off or on Wifi, Bluetooth, launch any application, set sound profile, play a ringtone, show a notification and vibrate. Interactively select a location from the map and set the radius for the trigger event
  • Sound Profile - Set a time during the day to switch a sound profile. Eg: set sound profile to Vibrate every day at 9:00 am. Besides changing system sound profile, you can also change the Media, Alarm, Ringtone and Notification volumes
  • Scheduler - The Scheduler allows you to set a timer event that will go off during the day. You can set the following event: Alarm, Bluetooth on or off, Wifi on or off, launch application or set screen brightness
  • System Information - Displays device information such as memory, hardware, screen and battery status
  • Wallpaper Changer - Change HomeScreen wallpaper on a time interval. You can set to randomly or sequentially change the wallpaper. Option to set the wallpaper effect like Normal, Black & White or Sepia. Just select a folder and enjoy your wallpapers
  • Shake - Shake your device to stop the alarm ringtone or to hang up on the incoming call
  • Call Blocking - Block any incoming phone number, unknown and private. Use Pickup and Hangup to prevent the caller from leaving you a voice mail. Use * (star) for wildcard blocking. Eg: 1800* will block all calls coming from 1800 number. Most cases you will not hear the ringtone when the call is blocked
  • Call Recorder - Record phone calls. You can set to automatically record or prompt you to record phone calls
  • Text Message - Controls text message spamming and set a custom ringtone for text messages. Use * (star) for wildcard blocking. Eg: 1800* will block all text messages from 1800 number.

Truth be told, we're still putting the app through its paces but wanted to let you all know it was available. As you can tell by the list of features, the app does a lot and we'll be looking to get a better look at it all up soon if folks are interested in it but for now, if you're looking to give it a go, it's available on the Google Play Store for only $1.99.

Learn more / Download Power Tools from the Google Play Store