We've seen many apps and games on the PlayBook that are geared towards children. I'm guessing developers are focussing on the Play in PlayBook. Honestly, a good tablet is a tablet that the whole family can share and enjoy. If you need another excuse to put a PlayBook in the hands of your child, then have a read. The Tots application helps your kids learn their letters and numbers and spelling, match upper and lower case letters and help them practice writing letters and numbers. It currently offers two themes; dinosaurs and flowers. It also has 4 different games to choose from – a whack-a-mole type game, catch letters to spell a word, write numbers and letters and associate upper case letters with their lower case versions.

To aid in the learning process, Tots provides both visual and audio positive reinforcement with each correct answer. The dangling light bulb in the right corner can be turned on or off to activate or deactivate in-game hints. The background music plays with simple childish levity that gives a fast paced feel to the game play. Isn't it great when a game helps educate your child even when they don't know it (or don't want to be)? Tots is available for $2.99 from BlackBerry App World.

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