How many of you spent your childhood at the arcade? Do you want to recreate that experience on your BlackBerry device? Of course you do! If you were like me and spent a lot of time there, then certainly you know about Skee Ball. That ever-popular bowling game tested your skill with a fist-sized ball to see how many points you could score by launching them up the incline into the tiny slots. Now you can play for hours on end without throwing your shoulder out with Toss Alley by DanLabG.

When we held the discussion on playing games at work during Talk Mobile Game week, never did I imagine I would sneak in a game or two when I shouldn't. Normally, my BlackBerry time is relegated to the mid-day break according to company rules. For this one though, I made an exception and it was worth it. Toss Alley offers the complete package: Scoreloop integration and the ability to challenge your friends, excellent visuals, graphics, and sounds, prizes, and incentives to keep going into the wee hours of the night.

As with the arcades visited in my youth, for every 100 points scored you earn one chip. In turn these chips can be redeemed towards prizes, including new alleys and carnie-style virtual gifts, and power-ups to gain more points. While a recent update did include in-app purchases for chips, with a little skill or a spin of the wheel you can easily accumulate what you need to stay in the game. This game only sets you back a buck and supports the BlackBerry Q5, Q10, and Z10.

As more of a throwback to classic arcade fun, I recommend turning on the game and ambient sounds. They give you the impression of being surrounded by all the noises and whispers of an actual arcade. The bottom line is this game is enjoyable for everyone no matter where you are. I find myself catching a game here and there throughout the day and admit I'm addicted.

What I want to know is how many of you have the skills to hurl it into the corner slots for the 200 points or to earn additional tosses?

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