Being President and General Manager of the Toronto Raptors, Masai Ujiri is a busy man. Add in the fact that he's also founder of the non-profit organization, Giants of Africa and you can bet his schedule is pretty hectic. In order to help him get through his days, Masai makes use of the BlackBerry Passport and in a new ad, he takes the time to let us know all about it.

Since September 24th, we've seen several ads for the BlackBerry Passport arrive and well, there's been plenty of talk about the device coming by way of shall we say not so traditional methods as well. Tyler Florence, Tim Allen, Piers Morgan, Lord Sugar, Jason Calacanis, Milos Raonic, Kevin O'Leary and more have been spotted with a BlackBerry Passport in their hands or otherwise sharing their enjoyment of the device.

What do you all think? Has BlackBerry finally nailed some better marketing or are we all just highly observant of it all because we're BlackBerry fans and looking for it wherever it can be found? Personally, I think it's all of the above. They're doing better at getting the word out and we're noticing it more due to the increased amount of marketing being there. In any case, I like it. Especially the new BBM ads being produced by 76 Brand Films.