Going either to a new city or overseas can be a daunting experience for many, but luckily your good old trusty BlackBerry 10 smartphone has you covered. There's a ton of travel related applications in BlackBerry World, but we've selected the best 5 which I'm pretty confident will make your travels not only easier - but also less stressful. 

They range from organizing your trip, navigating, to finding places to eat and visit - all of which can be a major pain in the butt if you are relying on old school paper maps and tourist guides.

Thankfully, BlackBerry 10 does a fantastic job - and I speak from experience. Myself and the CrackBerry team used many of the following applications on our trip to BlackBerry Live last year. Fingers crossed that opportunity will arise again. 

So here we go.......


BlackBerry Travel

If you're traveling overseas BlackBerry Travel has to be the most important application for you to have on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. It's packed full of features which will assist you in your journey in so many ways. 

First up is the auto scanning option. You can set the app to scan your inbox for any flight confirmations and when it finds them the app will pull them in and present them in an orderly fashion so you can glance at the app at any time and see the detailed information about your upcoming trip. To take things a little further it will also integrate with your calendar and prompt you of reminders in advance of your flight. 

Things don't stop there. A currency converter is built in which is customizable - meaning that wherever in the world you go you'll have instant access to see if what you are purchasing is a good deal compared to back home. 

Weather is also integrated and will give you the current conditions as well as a forecast over the following four days. And to round things off there is a World Clock section - again, customizable, so you can check what the time is in other cities around the globe - good stuff. 

In addition - as if that wasn't enough - the following is also included: 

  • Safer: BlackBerry ID integration for peace of mind
  • Money Saver: Do you ever wonder if the hotel room you booked is really a good deal? With our new Price Alert service, we'll let you know if there's a better price for that hotel room, a comparable hotel for a cheaper price, or if there's a much better hotel for slightly more.
  • Social: Share all your travel information including flight updates with your friends and/or colleagues via BBM, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. 

BlackBerry Travel is free and available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. 

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BlackBerry Maps

We featured BlackBerry Maps recently in our 'Top 5 BlackBerry 10 apps for in the car' but it makes sense that if you are going on your travels you'll more than likely need a navigation system of some sort. BlackBerry Maps will take care of all your needs - from locating addresses or places of interest - to voice guided navigation to get you right to the front door - and it does it well. 

More information/Download BlackBerry Maps for BlackBerry 10



Heading off on your holidays or on a business trip? Skyscanner for BlackBerry 10 smartphones may be just the kind of app you could do with. The application is designed to search for flights from the locations and dates you require. And it seems to work perfectly.

Full features of Skyscanner include:

  • Search over 1000 airlines and travel agents to get the best deals
  • Skyscanner is 100% independent and compares fares for low-cost carriers as well as scheduled airlines
  • Fully integrated with BlackBerry® Messenger: share trip details instantly with your BBM contacts
  • Busy? Email flight details to yourself for later
  • Available in over 25 languages
  • It’s FREE!

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If you are out exploring a new town/city then what better way to discover places to visit than using augmented reality. Utilizing the BlackBerry 10 camera ARKick will present you with all amenities near to you in order for you to locate them as quickly as possible. 

There's a huge list of categories within the app, from restaurants, museums, bars, nightclubs and shops, just to name a few. With an amazing user interface the app is taking BlackBerry 10 into the future and for it's price tag of $2.99 it's a steal. 

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Foursquare won't be for everyone, but if you like to check into places while you are on your holidays or just visiting another city it's a great way of letting your friends know what you are up to. With the ability to share via Twitter, Facebook and BBM you can keep your buddies in the loop of your activities and even include photos to make them jealous! 

As well as just checking in to venues you can also use the app to discover new places that you may want to visit. If any of your Foursquare friends have been there before you'll be able to see it and if they left any comments on the venue. 

More information/Download Foursquare for BlackBerry 10


Happy traveling! 

Just to finish off - depending on where in the world you go it may be worth searching BlackBerry World for train/transit applications. There's some great ones out there such as TubeMap for London as well as many more. 

Also bear in mind that if you are outside of your normal country of residence then roaming charges will apply for data. Most carriers offer packages to save you some money but finding free Wi-Fi hotspots is the way to go.