Snorting CrackBerry!My friend Joanna Stern over at Laptop Magazine just dropped me a note letting me know they posted their Top Ten Signs You're a BlackBerry Addict list. I'll give you the top 9, but you'll have to click over to their site to discover #1:

10. After a cross-country flight you wait for all your new messages to download before you alert loved ones you’re still alive.

9. You try to use BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts in Outlook. (No, you can’t hit the space bar twice to type “@”)

8. You think the iPhone would be much better if it only had a physical keyboard–and a trackball smackdab in the middle of the touch screen.

7. Your BlackBerry keeps you regular. Go to the bathroom without it and you’d have to “push” on your own.

6. You joined Facebook just so you could just so you could try the BlackBerry app. (No friends? The “I have a BlackBerry, I’m out of your league” group has 4,409 members.)

5. You’ve learned to drive with your knees.

4. Five or more consecutive vibrating alerts is on par with an orgasm.

3. You swap service outage stories with other “victims.”

2. You’ve completely forgotten that a blackberry is a fruit.

1. click here to find out!  

All in all the list is pretty spot on, though in reading it makes me think we could grow it to a Top 25 list. Here's the latest symptom of BlackBerry Addiction that I have personally developed... I'm so used to holding down the Alt key to type a number that when I'm on my computer I hold down shift when typing digits and it takes me to a minute to figure out why the heck everything is showing up as @#$%&#@!! Oh, and if you are looking for BlackBerry friends on facebook, check out the BlackBerry PIN Exchange ( over 17,000 members and growing!