I don't drive very often during the average week, but when I do I like to geek out. I have all kinds of gadgets in my car and thanks to my BlackBerry Z10, now I have more than ever.

The Z10 makes for a great driving tool/assistant - I can use it for everything from GPS navigation to finding my parked car.

There are a slew of great apps in BlackBerry World for navigation & travel, but we've picked out some of our favorites so you can start your own driving folder and get your tech on in the car.

Keep reading to check out our top ten driving apps for the BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry Maps

BlackBerry Maps has come a long way on BlackBerry 10. While the app wasn't really a favorite on previous devices, it now works like a champ and includes voice guided turn-by-turn navigation that actually works. It's pre-installed on the Z10 and totally free, so you can't really argue with that, right?

BlackBerry Maps an easy to use interface and the search works very well so it's easy to track down a location. While the settings aren't very robust, it still gets the job done. The one thing I'd like to see is landscape support to make better use of the navigation features when driving.

More information/Download BlackBerry Maps

Waze Social GPS maps and traffic

Waze is my top choice for navigation in my car. It's  social GPS app so that means users contribute things like accidents and other traffic hazards to help out other drivers. You can share with friends, earn points along your route and see other friends driving to your destination.

Waze also learns as your drive so it knows your frequent routes and it has full voice guided navigation. Another one that is totally free and definitely worth picking up. 

More information/Download Waze Social GPS maps and traffic


This one is a simple speedometer for your Z10. It uses GPS to mark your speed and you can view as just numbers or on a visual speedometer. There aren't too many options in here but that's ok. The one option that I totally love (like really - it's so geeky and awesome) is the HUD mode which reverses the screen so you can set your Z10 on the dash of your car, then view your speed on the windshield. It sounds trippy but it's actually amazingly cool (yet mildly distracting at first). This one is free but a paid upgrade gets you full screen and kills the ads. 

More information/Download Speedmeter 


I haven't used CamSam much yet but I'm still firing it up when I get in the car. CamSam is a speed and red light camera alert system for your car. It uses GPS to locate any cameras in your area and gives you both an audible and visual warning when you're near one. It shows directional alerts and automatically updates every 5 minutes. 

If you're in an area without a lot of cameras it obviously won't be as useful, but it's still fun to fire it up when you're driving. 

More information/Download CamSam

Car Finder

Car Finder is a must have for anyone that has ever lost their car in a big lot. It's happened to everyone at least once, but with Car Finder you never have to worry about losing track of your ride again. When you park, just tap the icon in the app. It saves the location of your car so you can easily track back to it later. Car Finder has a very cool looking UI and guides you with GPS showing the distance and direction of your vehicle. 

More information/Download Car Finder

Voice Control

Another built-in app, voice control on the Z10 makes the list simply because it's an awesome driving tool. We all know how dangerous it is to use your phone while driving, but with voice control you can cut down that risk. You can fire off emails, SMS or BBM with just your voice so you don't have to take your eyes off the road and get distracted while driving. Once you master the commands you'll be a voice control master. You can even integrate the controls with the Bluetooth system in some vehicles. 

Voice Control is pre-installed on your Z10. 


Who doesn't want the best gas prices? With GasBuddy you can find the cheapest gas around with just one click. Find gas stations near your location and view their prices so you always know where to go. It's a community-sourced app, so the more people that contribute the better it gets - so spread the word :)

More information/Download GasBuddy 


Remember the old Executor keychain? It was a sweet toy that let you fire off missiles, machine guns or lasers at anyone or anything. Now, beExecutor brings the fun to your BlackBerry Z10. You can keep this app open and at the ready and hit one of eight sound effects at your road-raging enemies. It includes a siren, explosions, phasers, machine gun and more. A definite good buy at $0.99. 

More information/Download beExecutor


Spotcast is an awesome app if you're looking to explore the world around you. It lets you find awesome deals all around - happy hour prices, sales, appliances - you name it. Another crowd-sourced app, Spotcast lets you search deals and share what you find to help others discover them as well. Plus it's built for BlackBerry 10 and totally free. Definitely worth the download.

More information/Download Spotcast

BestParking - Find Parking

This one is pretty self explanatory. I find myself driving into NYC quite a bit, so I love having this app handy for those random times when I want to find a cheap place to park. With this app, you just throw in the location, type, arrival time and length of the stay and it spits back a list of ideal locations to park. Much easier than driving around, wasting gas until you find a place on your own.

More information/Download BestParking - Find Parking

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