When it comes to gaming on BlackBerry 10 I'd settle for a racing game any day - in fact, I can say hand on heart that they are my favorite style of games. That's just me though and many of you will prefer puzzle, sports, combat, strategy, just to name a few. 

Our selection of 'awesome' racing games isn't huge but what we do have is some top quality titles and ones that have kept me busy for hours over the last twelve months since BlackBerry 10 hit the scene. 

Once again - some of the following titles will be device dependent - even on all touch models. Need for Speed Undercover didn't ever make it to the Z30 which strikes me as a little odd, but I won't dwell on that. 

So, if you're new to BlackBerry 10 and looking to hit up some decent racing games here's the best. There's some nice variation in styles - so there should be something for everyone.

Start your engines....


Real Racing 3

I've been a huge fan of the Real Racing series of games - playing part one and two on my iPad. Things have changed slightly with Real Racing 3 - for the better I must add, as now the game is free to download, instead of a hefty price tag like the previous two versions. Of course, there is a catch and that's in-app purchases which you can take advantage of if you want to in order to upgrade your cars or do so without having to wait the set period of time. 

Things don't get more realistic in terms of throwing street cars around a track in my opinion with RR3. And with the game running just fine on the BlackBerry 10 devices with a hardware keyboard, everyone can get a slice of the pie. 

More information/Download Real Racing 3 for BlackBerry 10


Asphalt 8: Airborne

This one has to be my favorite without doubt. Developed by Gameloft I'd expect nothing less and it ticks all the boxes for me. If you want fast paced action, with stunning graphics, sound effects and 10/10 game play, Asphalt 8: Airborne is the one to choose. 

Need I say any more? 

More information/Download Asphalt 8 for BlackBerry 10


Angry Birds Go

As I'm sure you can imagine - if you are looking for a racing simulator game this one isn't going to be it. But what Angry Birds Go does provide is a variation from the traditional style of Angry Birds games. 

If you fancy some all-round, fun, kart racing with the birds we've grown to love, then this one will be for you. 

Although the game is free to download there are in-app purchases available. I'm not a big fan of those so I tend to be patient and just upgrade the kart that the birds race in when I've earned enough coins. These can be collected as you travel around the various courses and then spent before you start the next race. As you progress you won't be able to partake in more races unless your kart matches the minimum required cc level. If you need more coins you can just replay a previous race. 

A fine piece of work Rovio - keep 'em coming. 

More information/Download Angry Birds Go for BlackBerry 10


Riptide GP

You'll not find any cars in this one - but who needs cars when you have jet ski's to race? With a ton of courses to conquer and opponents to beat this one can certainly get a little addictive. 

Graphic wise the game is pretty sweet. The water looks surprisingly realistic with the way the jet ski bounces in and out. In fact, it looks great!

Riptide GP is a must have BlackBerry 10 game if you ask me. There's nothing not to like. 

More information/Download Riptide GP for BlackBerry 10


Beach Buggy Blitz

Beach Buggy Blitz has been around for BlackBerry 10 pretty much since the new OS was launched. Free to download and with no hidden catches the game offers adrenaline filled fun as you race around the beaches aiming to reach each checkpoint before the clock runs out. 

With simple touch controls for left and right, sweet graphics and background music, Beach Buggy Blitz is still a joy to play a year after it first graced us with its presence. 

If you've not tried it - give it a go. 

More information/Download Beach Buggy Blitz for BlackBerry 10


Blur Overdrive

Blur Overdrive is very different to the racing games we've looked at already. With this one you are looking down on the track from above and with a choice of three control options you'll need to beat the other cars to the finish line. 

There are a bunch of power-ups to collect along the way - to spice up the game and with 25 cars in total this is yet another game that may well suck you in. 

Free to download, there are some in-app purchases available, but if you're like me you don't need to use them to enjoy the game.  

More information/Download Blur Overdrive for BlackBerry 10


Need for Speed Undercover

We first saw Need for Speed Undercover on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Move forward in time and it arrived for BlackBerry 10 although with a price tag unlike the PlayBook version if my memory serves me right. 

With a multitude of different missions to complete, you'll have to be paying 100% attention to succeed and avoid the police who will be on your tail a lot of the time. 

Not the best in my opinion in terms of some of the racing games we've seen more recently, but certainly worthy of being in the 'top' selection. 

As I mentioned earlier, the strange thing with this game is that it's available for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10, but no Z30 support. How queer. 

More information/Download Need for Speed Undercover for BlackBerry 10


Ready, set, GO!

So there you have it - the best racing games that BlackBerry 10 currently has to offer. I'm sure there will be many more to come in the future, which I'm sure looking forward to.