With all of the BlackBerry cases currently available on the market and the range that they encompass, it is quite a challenge choosing the right one for you. There are those that are geared for style, ones aimed solely at protection, and others which are a balance of both. As someone who is addicted to cases and abhors the thought of using my device naked, I’ve gone through more than my fair share.

For me the best cases are the ones that offer full protection from accidents, wear and tear, and spills. If you are looking for an accessory to shield your precious BlackBerry Z10 from the grind of daily use, here are our top selections.  


Incipio OVRMLD Flexible Hard-Shell Case 

If you are searching for protection, sometimes you have to sacrifice style in order to do so. The Incipio OVRMLD offers dual protection in a one piece snap-on case. This way you do not have to worry about breaking pieces when swapping batteries or removing. The case itself is semi-rigid so that it not only protects from surface wear and scratches, but is impact resistant as well. It also comes with a holster though there is no sleeper magnet included. For me this is more of an entry style case to bridge the gap between a skin case and the more rugged cases described below but it gets the job done by not letting any harm befall your Z10.

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Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) Series Case

If you are looking for a dual-layer rugged design and don't mind the available color scheme or the bulkiness this is a sturdy, durable choice. What sets this apart in terms of protection is that it goes out of it's way to protect your corners. Anyone who has dropped their device knows this part is most vulnerable and I have dents on other BlackBerry devices to prove it. The Ballistic corners ensure you get the added shock absorption necessary for drops and falls. It is one of the cases on this list inclined not to show damage or wear and tear easily. This case has an impact resistant polycarbonate shell with a soft inner TPU skin that also offers a firm grip when holding.

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Otterbox Defender Series Case

If you are looking to completely secure your device the Otterbox Defender is the pinnacle of protection. Yes it is big and bulky and may or may not cause you to adjust how you perform gestures, but it will survive anything you throw at it and more. I still have in my possession the defender for the Bold 9900 and even with the constant abuse the case remains unblemished as the day I bought it. The defender comes with a two-piece polycarbonate inner layer, a silicone outer layer, and a protective plastic screen protector to safeguard the display. Heavy duty protection at it's finest, the only downside is that replacing the battery is somewhat of a chore, so make sure you have the time and a spare battery before attempting.

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Seidio ACTIVE with Kickstand

Now if there is one case that I have used going back to my legacy days it is the Seidio Active case and holster combination. All you have to do is look at the BlackBerry App Roundup image to know that this is the case that earned the honor of staying on my Z10 the longest as it is reliable for daily use. This basically means that it withstood multiple, and normally fatal, falls and drops and lived to tell the tale. While Seidio may have rebranded the Active series as the DILEX, it still features a dual-layer design for maximum protection, yet is thin and lightweight, that is comprised of a hard exterior skeleton and a polymer interior. As an added measure of protection you can pick up the matching holster with sleeper magnet as well.  

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BlackBerry Flip Shell Case

As I said before, there are cases that balance style and protection and the flip shell happens to fit into that category. It sports a magnetic flip closure which means with the cover closed not only do you get full protection all around but also the option to automatically dim your display to save power. Once opened, you can fold into a kickstand to conveniently listen to or view the multimedia stored on your device. It fits your Z10 perfectly and the minute you snap it into place it remains secure and won't easily be dislodged without some effort. 

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CrackBerry Crunk Case

What list would this be if I didn't include the Crunk Case. I own all three colors and for a flexible TPU design it is does a great job protecting your Z10. All of your ports are accessible, it is easy to remove and install, and comes embedded with the beautiful CB logo. No reason why you shouldn't pick up one, or all three, to safeguard your device against scratches and drops. Each offers an enhanced grip without the additional bulk.

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By all means this is not a comprehensive list and there were bound to be ones that didn’t make the cut. If we left out any of your favorites let us know in the comments!

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