Over the years being able to document those special memories, events, and ideas has taken on different forms. Growing up I carried a journal and my camera with me wherever I went. Later on my laptop took over that important role which inevitable led to my BlackBerry becoming the next step in that progression. Between all those planners, diaries, and digital memories I discovered how essential it was to preserve each and every one of these snapshots of our lives.

Whether it be reminiscing over the candid moments with friends and family or laughing over the fun times and trips there is nothing better than preserving each of these moments for the future. As I am fond of documenting each and every occasion here are a few applications to help you get started on your very own digital scrapbook.

Picture Diary by Titus Braber

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this slick native application aims to do just that. While other diary apps allow you to create multiple entries the whole purpose of this one is to only create one, and only one, entry per day. Borrowing the concept from the 365 photo challenge by photographers, this aims to document the special moments in your life across the span one year one photo at a time. While some may scoff at not being able to add more pictures, I have taken DJ's advice from her review and gone with taking collages as the picture of the day, though you can always add ones from your library as well. There is room to add a title, date, and description of the events taking place in the image. For those concerned about switching devices, there is a backup and restore option that saves your data as a zip file. Available for all BlackBerry 10 devices for $.99 it is a simple application to capture those otherwise forgotten daily moments.

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Candid by Candid

The application formerly known as Diaree recently underwent a complete makeover that goes beyond the new design. The purpose of this application is that you can record your life, including your fondest memories, using their anonymous service. Through this public forum you can unload your troubles, share your joyous occasions, or simply use it as an outlet to express your feelings. While it does limit you to three posts per day, each one can be personalized with an image. There is a social aspect of Candid as well where users connect with others on the platform to hold conversations including receiving feedback on posts, advice, encouragement and support. Candid is a beautifully constructed native application that is a free download for BlackBerry 10. We share our lives on Facebook and Twitter, but this is another avenue to explore for delving deeper into your thoughts and to record what happens in your day-to-day life without recrimination.

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Dayly by Miciniti

The caption of this application reads "remember every moment..." and it certainly lives up to that promise. It may be a simple application in terms of the interface but it takes the bits and pieces or your life and pulls them all together in one convenient place. Not only can you add pictures and tag entries with GPS location and weather, you can password protect entries, mark as favorites, search through your journal, change the appearance of the application, and backup/restore to your device or SD Card so nothing will ever be lost. When creating your personalized journal, you need something that can quickly get the job done without jumping through unnecessary steps and menus. Dayly may offer a no thrills UI but it gets the job done wherever you may be. You can find it at the link for BlackBerry 10 for $1.99.

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A Day in Life by XLabz Technologies Pvt Ltd

Whether you use this on your PlayBook or your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, this application is my go-to for jotting down my thoughts, events, experiences, memories and whatever else is going on in my life. From creating entries quickly, to chronicling those those bittersweet and wonderful moments, the interface makes all of this an easy process to make sure you capture those memories and special moments as they happen. A Day in Life includes a weather and location tagging option, ability to add photos, notes and images, view your journal entries in four different ways, and flip through the journal in collage style. There are also additional options to enhance your experience including view only your favorites, backup and restore entries using Dropbox and Box, password protect your entries, and export your journal as a PDF. This application supports only the BlackBerry Z3, Z10, Z30, Porsche P9982 and the Blackberry PlayBook and is $2.99.

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Chronicle Diary by Fathima Shaheeqa

First things first I will admit that this application is an Android Port which I'm sure will fill up the comments. However, this is a pretty decent application for chronicling your moments. Not only can you insert your images but audio notes as well. The intuitive interface is rather unique but shortcuts at the bottom let you write a new note, snap a photograph, record an audio note, or search through your entries. It supports adding multiple tags to your entry, archive and restore your entries, landscape and portrait, and automatically saves the location of each entry.

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TapyHold - Scrapbook by Duantox Apps

TapyHold is a powerful, multi-page multimedia scrapbook application. There are certainly a plethora of features including editing tools, layouts, backgrounds, colors, and more to make sure each of you create a gorgeous scrapbook that encompasses every media aspect of your day. These include images, text, clipart, audio notes, videos, and music. Being that this is a native application that is also Built for BlackBerry, everything about this application is not only beautiful to look at but the ease with which you can create your books is simply fluid and natural. The options are laid out in an easy to use fashion so adding images, video, and music are quickly inserted to each page of your book. Your creations may be saved to the SD card or device and the possibilities are endless in terms of how many scrapbooks you can create. TapyHold is $.99 to purchase if you want the full-featured premium edition or you can try the free lite version by clicking on the link.

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What is your favorite?

These are only a few that are available for storing all of your thoughts, ideas, and memories right on your BlackBerry device. Of course this list is not complete so feel free to let us know what you think of the choices as well as telling us what your favorite applications to use as diaries or journals are.

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