Health and fitness seem to go hand in hand with technology these days. We're seeing more and more wearable fitness trackers, along with SmartWatch implementation with a host of smartphones across all operating systems. 

We've been quite fortunate with BlackBerry 10 to have a great selection of health and fitness applications and I'm sure the list will continue to grow as time goes on. 

If keeping track of your exercise routines is a must then there will be plenty of options within BlackBerry World for you. We've taken a look at most of the following apps in detail over the past year and in my opinion they qualify for being in the top 5 that BlackBerry 10 has to offer. 

Let's get it on!



Sportrate is a personal favorite of mine - not that I ever do any exercise! But if I did it would be the app I used, I think down to the simplicity, UI and it being native BlackBerry 10. 

Like most fitness apps, Sportrate is a GPS tracking app which will allow you to record from a selection of different activities. It just works, and although it will cost you a few bucks for the pro version - if you mean business it will be worth it. 

Features of Sportrate include:

  • Friendly interface 
  • GPX file export
  • Plenty of activities 
  • Types of training
  • Comments
  • HQ and very fast Maps
  • Offline Charts (beta)
  • + it's native app

More information/Download Sportrate for BlackBerry 10



With over 20 million users worldwide Edomondo is doing something right. Again, another tracking application that has a ton of features built in and although free to download you can remove the adverts by purchasing the paid edition. 

If you need a personal training assistant on your BlackBerry you can't really beat Endomondo. It will even give you audio feedback for every mile/KM you travel whether you be running, cycling, etc. 

One of the best features is that all your information can be synced and then viewed from the Endomondo website. You'll be able to see graphs, calories goals and maps of your work outs and that's just for starters. You can't go wrong with this one. 

More information/Download Endomondo for BlackBerry 10


Fitness Pro

Fitness Pro is one for you folk that are into weight training. Essentially, the application contains over 300 muscle exercises which as you can see from the above image are grouped into categories. You get the 'Abs' one unlocked but you then have the choice to buy either any of the other body parts or all. 

Then it's all about tailoring a workout to your needs. You can dive into the selection and simply add them to your workout so once you arrive at the gym you already have a plan on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. 

It won't be for everyone, but it is a decent app and for newbies to the gym I'd highly recommend it. 

More information/Download Fitness Pro for BlackBerry 10



For starters this one is 'Built for BlackBerry' which is always good to hear. Another GPS tracking app for you fitness fanatics which won't break the bank. If you're serious about keeping fit and own a heart rate monitor you'll be able to connect via Bluetooth to CascaRun - a nice touch. 

For just under four bucks you get the following good stuff: 

  • For jogging, biking, hiking, skating, driving and more
  • Real-time distance, time, lap, current/avg speed, pace, heart rate, altitude, ...
  • Audio feedback (English and German): regular and manual updates
  • Support for multimedia keys of the device or headset
  • Live map (optional): OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, MapQuest, OpenAerial and BlackBerry maps
  • Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM) (including support for Bluetooth Smart devices)
  • Manual and auto-pauses
  • Online + offline filter
  • Lock screen (with run info and swipe-to-unlock)
  • Statistics and diagrams (speed, altitude, heart rate, intervals, ...)
  • Interactive replay to review your trainings
  • Flash light (for night runs)
  • Send training summary, map and GPX file by e-mail
  • Social sharing (optional): for training summary and/or map image
  • Minimal resource usage
  • GPX file format
  • Light-weight and intuitive UI
  • No account required, no registration needed!

More information/Download CascaRun for BlackBerry 10


​Runtastic Pro

As the name suggests Runtastic is ideal for running but it does also work for other sports that you want to track routes with. Once again, this one allows you to head on over to their website where your info will be recorded and you can also engage with the Runtastic community - for sharing tips, coaching and further data analysis. 

If you're serious about running then the $4.99 price tag will be well worth parting with. 

Features include: 

  • Map your workouts in real-time with built-in GPS and monitor your exercise progress
  • Personal training diary and metrics
  • Mapping: Detailed live mapping and historic mapping of previous sessions
  • Dashboard configuration: Display preferred training statistics
  • Graphs: Get charts with altitude, pace, speed and heart rate information from your jog/run
  • Integrate your Runtastic activities to your MyFitnessPal account
  • Manual entry of workouts: Add treadmill, spinning, and weight lifting workouts
  • Monthly and overall metrics for distance, number of workouts, duration and calories burned
  • Voice feedback during your workout: Get audio feedback for each mile or kilometer completed
  • Live tracking: Show your friends and family where you are in your training session, what you've accomplished
  • Cheering: Hear live cheers and receive messages from your friends = motivation to run even further
  • Auto pause: Session is paused automatically when you stop running (e.g. at a red light or tying your shoe)
  • Works for running, jogging, biking, skating, cross-country skiing, and hand biking training
  • Routes: Create or find exercise routes on and sync them to your phone
  • Colored traces: Different colors on the map indicate training changes, such as: pace, elevation, slope.
  • Split table with dynamic mile and kilometer splits
  • Calorie goal: Set a specific calorie goal and use the voice feedback to reach your workout goal
  • Pace goal: Define your favorite pace, and tailor your training to hit this number
  • Geotagging: Take pictures during a workout and see these pictures online with your map trace
  • Weather, temperature, and sunrise/sunset data to assist with scheduling and analysis of your training sessions
  • Ad free

More information/Download Runtastic Pro for BlackBerry 10


Have fun working out!

If your looking to download one of the above, which one to go for all comes down to personal choice as they are all (apart from Fitness Pro) very similar. It's good to have choices though and luckily we have them here on BlackBerry 10.