If you own a TV I am pretty sure you would have heard of the BBC TV show Top Gear. If not, then you have missed out. Anyway, the Top Gear Stunt School game has made its way to App World for the PlayBook in the last week or so and it's quite a beauty, although very testing and as you will see from the video I am no expert!

But if you are into your driving games this one will cheer you up and give you hours or fun. With a selection of cars available and wide variety of different types of challenges the game has been a huge success on other platforms. Priced at $2.99 it won't break the bank either. It gets the thumbs up from me although I clearly need to brush up on my driving skills!

  • 60 unique physics-based stunt challenges to complete, with 20 additional "sandbox" challenges.
  • Unparalleled level of car customization! Fully customize 9 iconic car types with unlockable upgrades that change how a car drives, like jet engines, monster truck tires, armour plating or cargo wagons - over 2 billion different combinations!
  • Have the Stig test any car you customize on the official Top Gear Test track, then race to beat his time.
  • Challenge your friends directly to beat your stunt scores and race times with any car you create.
  • A wide variety of Game Center and OpenFeint achievements that reward experimentation and driving skill. 

More information/Download Top Gear Stunt School for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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