Us BlackBerry 10 users seem to be split into two main categories - those who want their BlackBerry for productivity first and foremost - and those who use it for gaming/entertainment on top of being productive. I'm guilty of being a productivity man - hence why I use the BlackBerry Q10 as my daily driver, however, I'm also lucky enough to own the BlackBerry Z30 which is where I tend to use apps for non-productive reasons - normally laying on my bed. 

When it comes to entertainment applications on BlackBerry 10 we've a pretty big selection of offer - even more so now that BlackBerry 10.2.1 allows for easier loading of Android apps. As you'll see - top of my list will in fact be an Android app and it runs perfectly on BlackBerry 10. 

So if you like to kick back and relax with your BlackBerry, here's our top selection for keeping you entertained: 



As mentioned above we don't have a native Netflix app for BlackBerry 10, but that doesn't matter now that we have BlackBerry 10.2.1 and the ability to load many more Android applications with ease. I'll be honest and say that I tend not to watch movies on my BlackBerry all that often but even on my BlackBerry Q10, Netflix now has a permanent home in my media folder for those times when I'm out and have some time to kill. 

If you are a Netflix subscriber this one is a must have for your BlackBerry - Z30 and Z10 owners in particular will get an awesome experience. Check out the following link on how to get Netflix installed onto your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. 

More information on how to install Netflix for BlackBerry 10​


Flixter for BlackBerry 10

Another great app for you movie buffs. Flixter for BlackBerry 10 offers a wide range of features if you want to check out what's on at the movies, watch trailers or just find out more information about who's in the movies you're interested in. 

  • Browse the top box office movies and movies opening soon 
  • Look up showtimes at your favorite theater and buy tickets (from participating theaters)
  • Browse new & upcoming releases on DVD
  • Get critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes
  • Watch high quality trailers 
  • Search for movies by title, director, or actors

More information/Download for Flixter BlackBerry 10​


Nobex Radio

Nobex Radio has been a firm favorite of mine since it first hit BlackBerry 10. The 'Built for BlackBerry' app is the perfect companion for you if you like to listen to music or podcasts on the go. With over 16,000 stations available to choose from you can pretty much guarantee to find one to suit your tastes. 

There is both a free and paid version of Nobex, however I've never found the need to part with any cash for what I want from the app. A must have app for music lovers. 

More information/Download Nobex for BlackBerry 10



Movie time once again and Crackle offers a free native BB10 streaming service for movies and TV shows. This one certainly isn't on-par with the likes of Netflix as the content is not as recent, however there are some old classics to be found. Still well worthy of being in the 'top' selection in my opinion. 

Full features include:

  • Watch full-length Hollywood movies and TV series
  • FREE to download app, FREE to watch
  • Unlimited, on demand viewing
  • 20 new movies and TV episodes added monthly
  • Genres including: action, anime, music, comedy, crime, horror, thriller, and sci-fi
  • Build and manage your Watchlist for viewing on your phone, online, smart TV or gaming console.

More information/Download Crackle for BlackBerry 10


BBC iPlayer

If you have a look in BlackBerry World for the BBC iPlayer you'll find it there, but unfortunately it's just a shortcut to the web version, so all it will do is open up your BlackBerry 10 browser. Although slightly misleading, it actually runs perfectly on the browser and whether a native app would offer a better experience is debatable. 

But if you do want the app you can always grab the Android version by following the instructions in the link below. What is a bit weird is that if you do install the Android BBC iPlayer app it won't run until you also install the BBC Services app - which has the iPlayer integrated, so you may as well just grab that one. 

Whichever option you decide on you'll have the BBC's content at your fingertips for whenever you need to catch up on your missed shows. 

More information on how to download BBC iPlayer (Android) for BlackBerry 10



Another app for music lovers - SoundCloud will let you hear what's new and next from the world's largest community of musicians, bands, producers and audio creators of all types. You'll need to sign up to use the app, although no costs are involved and then you're good to go. Search for artists or songs, 'like' them, create playlists and more. 

Key features include: 

  • Search and discover new music & audio
  • Discover and follow diverse music & audio creators
  • Play playlists, or create your own and share them with your followers
  • Hear a stream of new tracks wherever you are; streaming audio playback over WiFi or cellular data connection
  • Record audio with one touch and easily share it to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr

​If you like to keep up with everything new in the world of music SoundCloud will give you what you need. 

​More information/Download SoundCloud for BlackBerry 10


TuneIn Radio

Finally, another radio app but a nice alternative to Nobex. TuneIn radio will allow you to search not only by genre, but also by location, so you can quickly find local radio stations if that's your thing. Once you find the one you want the station will start streaming and with just two screen taps you can add it to your favorites list for easy access. 

With a simple black user interface TuneIn will give you access to over 100,000 radio stations and over two million podcasts. What more could you want? 

More information/Download TuneIn Radio for BlackBerry 10


That's all folks!

That's our selection complete. One thing worth noting is that all the apps we have chosen will stream content to your BlackBerry so you'll need to either ensure you have a suitable data package with your network provider, or jump onto Wi-Fi whenever you can.