Top 5 Features of the BlackBerry 8800I've had my new 8800 for a few weeks now. Overall I love the 8800. Lots of new features and fun stuff loaded into this one!

Here's my top 5 features of the BlackBerry 8800:

5. New Media Player - The new player handles most audio and video files flawlessly. On top of that it just looks plain nice. Two thumbs up for this new player.

4. The Track Ball - I was skeptical about this one. I had always been a huge fan of the trackwheel on the side of my 8700. However, having used the track ball for a few weeks now I'm getting used to it...and appreciate the added functionality it brings.

3. Battery Life - The battery on my 8800 is lasting almost 2 days longer than the battery in my 8700.

2. Slim Profile - I really appreciate the slim profile of the phone. It's less bulky than my 8700, and is much lighter as well. A light, slim phone is a-OK in my  books and this one fits the bill.

1. GPS - In all honesty, I don't NEED GPS on my phone... But now that I have it I do love it. Pinpointing exactly where you are, punching in directions... Whatever you need to do it is very handy to have the 8800 on board when you're driving around!

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