New Year Start

With the New Year having just rolled in and a new resolution being made, odds are that you need a little bit of help to keep you on the right track. With tons of different applications available in BlackBerry App World, there are plenty of choices available to keep you on the path to success. No matter if you are planning to diet, save money, be more productive or just have an awesome year. So let's get going and check some of them out!



Who wouldn't like to save a couple of bucks this year, better organize their finances, and see exactly where there money is being spent quickly and easily? PageOnce is a great all in one financial application that allows you to check your bank account, view credit card transactions, review your investment portfolio all while being alerted viap push notifications when changes are made. All you have to do is enter your account information one time, and the rest is on them, they will continue to monitor the accounts and changes and notify you when payments are due, or when they have been posted and much more. There is a free version and a premium version, $6.99 will not only drop the ads but also adds push notifications and the ability to lock the app to require a four digit passcode.

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Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Calorie Counter

Kicking those old eating habits to the curb? With fast food so easy to get buy and healthy food so expensive trying to get on the right path can be a bit of a pain. Calorie Counter is a free application that allows you to input your height and weight along with your weight loss goal weekly, it gives you how many calories you should be intaking on a daily basis to hit the target weight. You can easily input all the food you consume, the portion size and it will subtract that from the amount of calories allowing you at any time to know how many you have left. In addition to adding the foods you consume you can also add any excersizes you complete, and it will calculate how many calories are burned and add that back into your total for the day. The application and account are free, so why wait?

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Find yourself forgetting to call people back or send them an important message because you didn't want to put the information into your calendar? LaterDude is an application that allows you to quickly and easily add calendar reminders to call or text someone right from your contact list or call log. Say you miss a phone call during a meeting and want to remind yourself to call that person back in an hour, simply highlight the call, press menu then scroll to the top and add it to LaterDude. Just like that you can set the reminder for the time frame needed and you will be notified. The free application will allow you to set 2 hour reminders only, but the paid app will unlock all the features for only $2.99.

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My Fitness Friends

My Fitness Friends

Each year that passes we all seem to get busier, spending more time traveling and less time in the gym, but now you can use your BlackBerry as your work out companion on the go. My Fitness Friends is a great application that allows you to work out without the need of any equipment and it allows you to connect with friends and share your routines via the social integration with BlackBerry Messenger. With an application like this you have no excuses not to get a quick work out in when on the go and keep on your friends about theirs as well. While the application will set you back $3.99 can you really put a price on your well being?

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Smarter Contacts

Smartr Contacts

Many of us want to continue to become more productive each year, and there are many different ways to accomplish this. Depending on what your daily work flow is Smarter Contacts (previously Xobni) is a great addition to your device to help keep your contacts as organized as possible. Ever fumble around looking for the person you want to email, knowing only their generic first name, or the first letter of their last name? Gone are those days and here are the days of keeping your contacts organized and view all your recent interactions with them. If you want to get a taste of it there is a free download, and unlocking all the premium features will set you back only $1.99.

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