In a previous post here on CrackBerry, Kevin asked the Nation what their top 5 improvements to BlackBerry 10 wish list would be. After combing through all of the comments and taking the time to prioritize them all, we've come up with a pretty decent list of the top 25 things. Kevin kicked off the suggestions with five of his own, which a lot of users agreed with, and from there over 1200 people unloaded their list of wants. There were hundreds of ideas submitted. The Top 25 doesn't cover them all, but it does cover a lot. 

It was an interesting journey to go through the suggestions and see what the everyone felt was important. There was an extremely wide array of answers presented. Some of them were indeed expected while a few others took us by surprise. And sometimes there was disagreement in the comments about what was a good idea or not. Things like UI design for example tend to spark a debate.

Keep in mind, we only wanted to focus on the actual BlackBerry 10 OS usage and not, for example, how BlackBerry 10 updates are handled. We already know that pretty much everyone would like to see faster OS updates come to BlackBerry 10 devices. This list is about the experience and improvements that could be made to the operating system itself along with added functionality.

So without further ado, we present our list of the top 25 wanted improvements for BlackBerry 10 as laid out by you, the CrackBerry community. We've listed the top 25 starting at number 25 and working our way down to the #1 most wanted thing. You can use the Next Page button (below) to click through one at a time, or the drop down menu to jump to a specific page. Enjoy the show. And let's get it done #TEAMBLACKBERRY!