BlackBerry Z10 phone calls

The emphasis on BlackBerry has always been on mobile data, but these things still make phone calls y'know.  BlackBerry 10 includes many of the simple, functional tricks that the brand has accumulated over the years, but there are at least a few subtle new additions that are worth highlighting. The phone app isn't one we think about too often, but there are plenty of tips to make your phone experience on BalckBerry 10 even better.

Fire up your Z10s and check out some of these tricks for making phone calls.


1. Long press the portraits at the top of the dialler app to pick new speed dial contacts.

2. Scroll past the top, above speed dial contacts, to see your own phone number.

3. To have a call answer immediately after removing your BlackBerry from a holster, swipe down from the top in the dialler app, tap Settings, then Holster.

4. To clear your call history, swipe down from the top of the dialler app and tap Clear Call Log.

5. To initiate a call by voice command, hold down the pause/play hardware key, and say "Call" and the name of your contact, then hit the pause/play key again.

6. Pause and wait commands can be added to phone numbers with extensions through the Contacts app. 

7. Pull up your device's IMEI number by dialling *#06# into the phone dialer. Note, you can also get your IMEI by going to Settings > About > Hardware.

8. Change your ringtone by swiping down from the top of a home screen, tapping the Notifications text, and selecting Phone.

9. There's no way to automatically change text into a phone number, as on previous BlackBerry devices; just use the letters on the number pad to figure it out the old fashioned way.

10. Add notes to calls as you take them from the Call Note button, and include due dates.

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That's just a sample of what you can do to make your calls on a day to day basis, but Z10 owners, how are you finding the phone function? Are you noticing the HD Voice at all? Are there any shortcuts you miss from the old BlackBerry OS? 

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