BlackBerry Z10 keyboard

BlackBerry really brought its A-game when designing the BlackBerry Z10 keyboard. A smart, established prediction engine, signature style, and unique interface all meld to create an absolutely awesome touchscreen keyboard. As much as you may fall in love with it right off the bat, there a subtle touches that aren't as obvious which will only enamour you further to BlackBerry 10.

Z10 owners, hit the break to dive into our top ten tips for the BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard!


1. To hide the keyboard, long press on the space bar or do a two finger swipe down. Two finger swipe upwards brings it back up.

2. To delete a whole word, swipe to the left from the right.

3. Hold down a letter key to view and select special characters, such as accents.

4. To dictate out loud, hold down the period button for a moment, speak, then tap Done.

5. To enable audio and visual typing feedback, swipe down from the top pane of any home screen, tap Settings, tap Language and Input, then On-Screen Keyboard. Prediction suggestions can be turned off or repositioned from here as well.

6. To activate multiple languages in the keyboard's prediction engine, swipe down from the top pane of any home screen, tap Settings, tap Language and Input, then Input Languages, and Add/Remove Languages at the bottom.

7. Go into Automated Assistance from the Language and Input settings and tap Word Substitution to create typing shortcuts for longer words. 

8. To add a word to your dictionary so they don't show up as misspellings, tap a red-underlined word, and tap the Add to Dictionary button in the pop-up.

9. To correct a misspelled word, tap the red-underlined word and select from the options in the pop-up menu.

10. Swipe down on the keyboard for a single alternate character, like an exclamation point. Use the dedicated symbol key to enter multiple characters.

More BlackBerry 10 Tips and Tricks 

Those are just some of the handy tips to help out your typing habits on the BlackBerry Z10, but no doubt there are plenty more tips tucked away. Z10 owners, how are you finding the new keyboard? Is it as good as a physical keyboard? How is the learning curve on swipe-based prediction? Are there any shortcuts you miss from the old BlackBerry OS? 

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