May 14, 2009

7 of 10 - First Photos of the BlackBerry Storm 2!

Following up on the first photos of the BlackBerry Storm we posted, I was pretty excited when photos of the Storm 2 fell into my lap to share. With the original Storm turning out to be dud overall (though a lot of people really did LOVE their Storm), many looked to BlackBerry's second touchscreen to be the one that got it right. The Storm 2 still featured a screen that clicked, though it went from a single plunger design to four, and with some piezoelectric tech behind it seemed almost magical. Some people thought these photos were leaked to me by BlackBerry, but trust me, they were not. This was one of those times when we pulled the photos down on advice of our lawyer after getting some very scary looking documents in the mail from the fine folks at BBRY.