May 6, 2008

2 of 10 - World's First Review of the BlackBerry Bold 9000 - bought from eBay!

Ok, now this is still probably my FAVORITE leak of all time. It's sort of what put CrackBerry on the map so to speak. The BlackBerry 9000 was rumored for a while, and one day in our forums a thread popped saying that one just appeared on eBay for sale. I clicked the link, looked at the photos, and decided within seconds it was the real deal. I bought the 9000 there and then and a few days later it arrived. I reviewed this baby like nothing I had before. It was glorious. Keep in mind at this point BlackBerry had never yet officially acknowledged the Bold 9000, which they did a week later at their annual WES conference. I attended the conference. Walking through the conference centre, everybody seemed to know me by name and had watched the video and review.