Although there is plenty of argument to be had for and against BlackBerry Maps on BlackBerry 10, TomTom and BlackBerry have now let it be known that their working relationship will continue for the foreseeable future. As highlighted in a short press release, the two companies have updated the terms of their agreements which includes information sharing to enhance the overall services offered.

“Having accurate and up-to-date traffic information integrated in BlackBerry Maps is an important feature for customers, and TomTom is a recognized leader that provides traffic data to many companies in the market,” said Adrian Gould, VP of Handheld Software Product Management at BlackBerry. “We are pleased to expand our relationship with TomTom in support of BlackBerry 10 customers.”

With that in mind how has your experience with BlackBerry Maps been thus far? Personally, I don't drive but in the times I have used BlackBerry Maps to assist, it's always been pretty spot on. Especially when coupled with, as weird as it may sound, Foursquare to help find specific addresses.