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TOMPlayer Update
Emacberry has been hard at work updating his TOMPlayer media application. Not only does this update include a new, more functional UI (more pleasing to the eye as well), it also comes jam packed with even more features then the previous version. For those of you who missed our first post regarding TOMPlayer, the app is essentially a media player for your BlackBerry that goes a little above and beyond the native media app with functions like returning to the exact spot you eexited the program. For the full list of additions keep reading after the break.

New version inculdes:

  • New UI (BackInBlack) - The most noticeable difference of the new version will be the new GUI of TOMPlayer
  • Options Dialog added
  • Confirm Close Option
  • Configure a default AudioPath (Output Channel) -In the (new) Options Dialog you can select the default output channel for the playback. You can select between:
  • Earpiece
  • Speakerphone
  • Bluetooth SCO
  • Handsfree/Audio Ou
  • Speakerphone + Handsfree/Audio Ou
  • Bluetooth A2DP
Beside the pre-selection via the Options you can toggle between the different AudioPath with the [Q]-Key (forward) or the [A]-Key (backward). For Storm and Storm2 users some additional menu items are available in order to provide this additional switching functionality.
  • Fixed resume audio playback when phone-call is ended (when TOMPlayer was playing when the call arrived)
  • Will work with playlists containing only links for AudioFiles in the same folder then the m3u itself
  • Playlist creation
Browse the FileSystem of your BlackBerry and select a folder in which the Audio files for which you like to create a playlist are located. Once you have reached this directory you can open the BlackBerry Menu and select between
  • Playlist from Directory: Will create a Playlist of all audio files that are located in the selected folder.
  • Playlist Recursive: Will create a Playlist of all audio files that are located in the selected folder and of all audio files that are located in any sub folder of the current selected directory.
Please note that selecting this option might take some time in order to retrieve all audio files from all sub- directories. In the Options you can specified in which folder the create Playlist will be saved - you can select between:
  • BlackBerry Music Directory: All playlist will be saved in the default BlackBerry Music directory (either on your SDCard or on the device internal memory itself).
  • Same Directory as Audio Files: The created playlist will be saved in the same directory in which the audio files are located - if you have selected the recursive playlist creation then the playlist will be saved in the top directory.
  • Support for Media Actions (OS5.x and above only): Events triggered by the multimedia buttons of a headset (like the BlackBerry Premium Multimedia Headset (3.5mm) or the BlackBerry Bold9900 media buttons will be now also handled by TOMPlayer. Currently the Next/Previous Track, Volume UP/DOWN and Pause/Unpause (Mute/Unmute) are supported.

Best of all, Emacberry has kept the application completely FREE!

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