Fingerprints and smudges happen. No matter what mobile device you have - be it a BlackBerry smartphone, tablet, or even a computer monitor - they seem to attract fingerprints and other foreign matter like a magnet. Now, BlackBerry OS 7 phones with their touchscreens offer even more opportunity to get smudged and dirtied.

Enter the Smart Cloth by Toddy Gear. These cloths, in a wide variety of colors and styles, features silk microfiber on one side and plush microfiber on the other. Both sides offer superior cleaning no matter the surface, and - for those of you adverse to germs - the Smart Cloth is protected by the AEGIS microbe shield. It's an great way to keep your phone clean with out sprays or wipes.

In the north hall at CES 2012, I got a chance to try these cloths for ourselves. While we were impressed with the way the cloth cleaned my Torch 9860, it was the cloth's effectiveness on cleaning my BlackBerry PlayBook's screen that really impressed me. Over the months, I've pretty much covered my PlayBook in fingerprints. After about 30 seconds with the Smart Cloth, those prints were gone. Even those really bad prints that are almost impregnated into the screen were no match for this cloth.

Todd - yes, that Todd - of Toddy Gear hooked us up with seven Smart Cloths to give out to our readers. Just leave a comment on this post to enter to win. One entry per person, and the contest ends this Sunday at midnight Pacific time. Great products are afoot here at CES 2012, and we'll be hard at work scouring the floor for them.

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