Todays Alarm Clock

I admit I'm not a morning person. Normally, it requires more than one alarm going off to get me out of bed on a daily basis. That being said, I'm usually scouring the forums and App World for a decent alarm app for either of my devices. That's when I happened to come across Todays Alarm Clock by Turner TeKnologies. It's a an app chock of full of features that I was pleasantly surprised to see was absolutely free. Click on the jump for more information and screenshots.

Todays Alarm Clock is filled with all sorts of customizations and features to help you wake up in the morning. You can save and set multiple alarms, view other time zones, stream their default or your own internet radio stations, view local headlines, and even display the temperature for the current day and the next five days.  You do need to keep the app running to work but it also provides traffic conditions, allows you to set your own wallpaper as a background image, and even set your own mp3s as alarms. It also reads the time, date, and current weather aloud when the alarm goes off.


  • Even More Custom settings Options
  • Screen Design Changes


  • INTERNET RADIO!!! Wake up to your favorite music!
  • Timezones - Track time around the world!!!
  • GPS Location - Update to local settings automatically!!!
  • Brightness/Always On Control 
  • Choice of 8 Elegant Alarm Clock Display Themes
  • Choice of Soothing Rain, Jungle and Spa Default Sounds!!!
  • Volume Control - Wake up at your own pace!!
  • Local Weather, News, Traffic, Radio and Multiple Alarms!! 
  • Set custom MP3 alarm music!!!! 
  • Customize your Background Picture!!!!
  • QUICK TIMER!!!! Set up alarms in two clicks!!!

This is definitely an app to check out to help you wake up each and every day. I would like to see in future updates the snooze buttons to be a little bigger (when you're groggy you can't always see the tiny print) and a little more variety when it comes to default options. Other than that it's a really cool app. I was able to enter in the URL to my local radio station and it streams perfectly and sounds great. Plus you get all of these features for FREE. Head on over to BlackBerry App World and try it out. I do recommend resetting your PlayBook after installing in case you experience any bugs. 

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Todays Alarm Clock
Todays Alarm Clock - Full Screen

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