In my hunt for a nice speedy Today Plus theme for my Storm I was checking out the CrackBerry App Store to see if there were any that would be fitting and to my liking. To my surprise, I found exactly what I was looking for. A nice, sharp looking, speedy business-like theme that was functional, yet different at that same time.

Today Plus Hidden and Standard from JC Designs-GadgetBean are great themes that are now available for the Storm which incorporate an awesome look from the Bold being the highlighted icons when chosen, which are surprisingly missing from the Storm. The theme overall is speedy and the "hidden" dock options built in are great for that business look I was hoping to find, it hides all my messages and calandar dates when not in use but has them readily available when I need at just a touch of the screen, which leaves my screen looking nice and organized when not in use.

If a clean yet functional theme is what you are needing for your Storm, check out Today Plus Standard (shows today options all the time) and Today Plus Hidden (hides the dock and today functions until called upon) you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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