Deal of the Day: TetherBerry!

Update: NOW OVER. Hopefully you took at advantage of the offer while it lasted. If you missed it, cross your fingers that it becomes a DoD again down the road.

Here's a deal I know a ton of you have been waiting for.... Been eyeing up TetherBerry but were a little taken back by its $49.95 price tag? Today is the day to pick it up! TetherBerry is Friday's CrackBerry Deal of the Day and that means you can have this sought-after BlackBerry app for 50% less than its regular price. That's $24.97 instead of $49.95. And when I say sought-after, I mean it... when we first blogged about the beta of TetherBerry back in March we pushed over 10,000 CrackBerry readers in only a couple of days to become beta testers of the solution (which now works with Macs as well). 

If you're not familiar with TetherBerry, the premise is simple. You install an app on your BlackBerry and laptop that then easily allows you to access the Internet on your laptop through your BlackBerry anywhere you have wireless coverage (yes, you're going to want to make sure you have adequate BB data and verify your carrier isn't going to flip). You can search the CrackBerry forums for "TetherBerry" for a lot of info and be sure to check out the customer reviews on the product description page. If you've been wanting TetherBerry, today is the day. You can check the time remaining on this offer here... hurry!