Today Only! Get Ziplorer Free of Charge!!

The only thing better than getting regularly non-free software for free is getting regularly non-free software for free on a Friday! It kills the the day and gives you the whole weekend to get acquainted with your new app!!

For TODAY ONLY, the folks over at BlackBerry Insight are giving away Ziplorer FREE OF CHARGE. We're a little late getting this up, so HURRY to grab your free copy before the free download gets pulled. Just click on over to this page and scroll down to the bottom to get the Ziplorer download. It's not available for Over The Air install, so you'll have to get it onto your BlackBerry via Desktop Manager (BlackBerry 101 tutorial here).

In case you're not familiar with the app, Ziplorer allows you to receive zip files on your BlackBerry and unpack them directly onto your device. You can also access files stored on your device's internal memory card or expansion card and create and send zip files. Ziplorer supports the popular PKZip and GZip formats. Some details...

  • Accessible: Internal BlackBerry® memory, installed microSD card.
  • Output formats: PKZip, GZip.
  • Packable files: Any kind of files and directories (subdirectories are included automatically).
  • Features: Pack, unpack, delete, file info and browse the filesystem.

Get Ziplorer for FREE, TODAY ONLY, Here >>