Toast Message

To this day, I’m still not sure why a message pop up option has not been a native feature. Many of the BlackBerry users I know make use of a pop up application to see who is trying to contact them. If they’re in the middle of working on a document, writing out a to do list or what have you, they want to see if the new message can wait to be read or not. Sometimes a quick application switch simply isn’t enough for them. Quite a few developers have recognized this need and developed solutions. One of the newest entrants is the Toast Message application by SKYANT.

Not only does Toast Message display email, sms and PIN messages, but it also does so in style. It sports multiple themes from old brown paper for nature – enabling you to add your own personal touch to your inbound messages. Other customization options help you modify the duration of the pop up and the level of detail you want to see from your messages. Now the problem is that, once you see the popup, the options you have are limited. As it stands, it seems that you are only allowed to respond to a message. Through similar options, you can also mark as read, manually dismiss the pop up or delete the message. Seeing how it’s only version 1.0, I’m not going to burn Toast Message (get it?). If you want to give it a try, it’s available from the CrackBerry AppStore; currently on sale for $2.99

More information/download Toast Message for BlackBerry smartphones

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