There’s an article over at that talks about 4 ways to reduce hand strain when typing on your BlackBerry. According to the article, as the number of BlackBerry users is rising, some are experiencing “BlackBerry thumb”…basically carpal tunnel and tendonitis.

To reduce discomfort and potential long-term damage, the article offers some advice:

  • Take frequent breaks (that means putting your BlackBerry down, not playing a game on it ;)
  • Write fewer and shorter messages - (I’ve found the AutoText feature of the BlackBerry very useful for this.)
  • Adopt a neutral grip: Use a grip that allows your wrists to remain upright and straight and refrain from slouching while using a BlackBerry. Place the BlackBerry on a briefcase or use a support in your lap to reduce strain. (Yes mom, no slouching)
  • Avoid thumb-typing: When possible, alternate typing between fingers. If your thumbs or hands hurt, pay attention and cut back the typing. If the pain worsens, especially if it’s hard to do other things with your hands or if you have numbness or tingling, see an orthopedic specialist. (Me: It hurts when I do this doctor; Doctor: stop doing that)

Check out the full article here.

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