TimmyMe for the BlackBerry Z10

If you’ve ever been (or live) in Canada I'm sure you have come to the realization that we LOVE coffee, mainly Tim Hortons, and we like it a lot! So when Tim Hortons brought their famous TimmyME application to the BlackBerry Z10 I’m sure there was a collective sigh of relief from Canadians. The application has a ton of features available, some are simple like contacting Tim Hortons. While other features a really useful, like the ability to find a location or take an order. Continue reading to get the 101 on the new fully redesigned TimmyME app for the BlackBerry Z10.

Now, I fully understand that having a coffee application on the BlackBerry Z10 is not a life or death thing, but when it’s a Tim Hortons coffee application I’m all over it. The application has many features that are designed to make ordering coffee (and other items) easy. From the home screen of TimmyME for the BlackBerry Z10 you are presented with a grid of 6 menu items. The menu items on the home screen are, find a restaurant, Tim Card balance checker, connect with Tims, contact us, nutrition, and the famous TimmyME order notepad. On the home screen you are also able to tap on the settings icon, this will allow you to change location information and your measurement settings. Continue reading to get a breakdown of all the options found on the home screen of TimmyME for the BlackBerry Z10.

Application options

Find a Restaurant

The find a restaurant option is actually pretty cool and very responsive. Once you click on the find a restaurant option the app will automatically start scanning your location for the closest Tim Hortons restaurant. Once the app has found the locations you can click on the results. If you click on one of the results you will be able to see restaurant specifics, like if they have a drive through or if they carry Tim Cards. Once clicked on a specific location you can also get directions to that restaurant, or call them directly from your BlackBerry smartphone.

Tim Card Balance Check

If you’ve ever been to a Tim Hortons coffee shop, then you may have seen their customer card, aptly named the Tim Card. The Tim Card allows you to put money on their card and use it to buy your coffee from their locations. Well, within the TimmyME application you can input your Tim Card and check the balance before buying that large double double coffee. A handy feature when you’re on the go and don’t feel like carrying change in your pockets.

Connect With Tims

This section of the application is pretty simple. The connect with Tims menu allows you to connect to Tim Hortons through various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Make sure you follow Tim Hortons to get updates on their specials including Roll Up The Rim To Win! and more.

Contact Us

These days, being able to contact a company at any minute is what keeps a company at the forefront of top notch customer service. The TimmyME application allows you to contact the Tim Hortons company directly to report feedback (positive or negative) about the brand, or a restaurant location you’ve visited.


If you’re one of those individuals that like to know the nutritional value of the food you’re eating, then you will most likely find this option within the TimmyME application quite useful. The nutrition page allows you to look up the nutritional value of all the products offered at Tim Hortons locations. From coffee to donuts, you’ll know the exact content of what you are about to eat.

Order Notepad

If you’ve ever gone to get coffee and you’re around other people, I’m sure you’ve experienced the surge in others who magically want coffee at the same time. When the surge happens and people make their orders as complicated as possible, be prepared with the order notepad found in the TimmyME application. Within the application you can use the built in notepad to take orders. The notepad will not only make your life easy, it will also ensure that everyone gets what they ordered.


The TimmyME application features everything that we’ve come to expect from the top tier applications on the new BlackBerry 10 platform. TimmyME for the BlackBerry Z10 features the ability to peak and flow throughout the application. Not only is the app visually appealing, it is actually really useful. Even if you don’t live in an area that have Tim Hortons coffee shops, you can use the TimmyMe app to take orders for all your coffee loving friends.

The TimmyMe application for the BlackBerry Z10 can be download for free from the BlackBerry World storefront.

Download TimmyME for the BlackBerry Z10