A few days ago, there was a good many folks in the CrackBerry Forums letting us know about a new Tim Hortons commercial that was hitting the airwaves during some hockey games. Since then, we've been trying to track down the commercial but it's not yet been posted to any of the regular outlets such as YouTube or Facebook. You might be wondering what's so special about it? It's just a Tim Hortons commercial. Well, in it you can clearly see the BlackBerry Z10 is getting some love by being shown off all throughout the commercial.

Luckily, bookworm1959 was able to capture it and get it posted to YouTube for us. The volumes a little low, so crank it up if you can. It's pretty awesome to see, even though it does look like the boy in the commercial is holding the device upside down. We'll forgive him though, I mean he was all excited about his Z10 and bacon and who the hell can blame him for that. Mmm... bacon! Fun fact: In Waterloo after the launch of BlackBerry 10, several Tim Hortons locations put out signs congratulating BlackBerry on the release.

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