Tilt updated with dynamic RSS feeds, keyboard shortcuts and more

Tilt for BlackBerry 10 is an app created by ReFocus Labs and it was an app that used the tilt UI concept developed by BlackBerry Sweden. It lets you see news, weather, calendar appointments and more simply by tilting your device up slow. When you lay it flat in the table, it shows a blank screen until you start to lift the top of the device up in the tilting motion.

The latest update brings along some new features

  • Dynamic RSS source added
  • Clock added within app
  • Enhanced share framework for each context block
  • Increased places recommendation
  • Multiple priority notes
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the Q device

You can check out our hands-on video with Tilt if you haven't checked it out before. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and costs $1.99 but free to update if you have it already.

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