Tilt sees a huge update to v2.2 bringing a bucket load of new features

There has been some confusion lately over the Tilt app for BlackBerry 10. For some clarification, there were two Tilt apps available in BlackBerry World -- Tilt and Tilt Now. However, Tilt Now has now gone from BlackBerry World. Tilt was the first version was released back in February 2014. This is the version that has been updated today. It's a big update with a whole load of new features.

If you don't know what it's all about, Tilt makes use of the BlackBerry Sweden's (TAT) Tilt UI. As you raise your device it will slowly reveal information for you at a glance. Such has stock, weather, news feeds, etc.

Tilt v2.2.0.34 Changelog

  • Complete revamp of the app with better User Experience and interface
  • Added 'Stocks' Block
  • Added 'Messages' Block (Shows emails and SMS messages)
  • Added Swipe to Refresh on each Block
  • Added Custom Priority settings for each Block (High, Medium and Low)
  • Added a 'Themes' option in Application Menu. Total 13 themes are available
  • Added new 'Squircle' animation on Refresh and Loading
  • Added new fade in animation on tilting the device
  • Added option to choose the number of Blocks visible. You can display from 4 to 7 blocks, with default 7 blocks being shown
  • Added option to Restore In-App Purchases in Settings menu
  • Added option to add and remove unlimited number of stocks to follow
  • Added option to change Stock Update Interval
  • Added option to have Tilt mode Persist on Startup
  • Added option to turn of LED Notifications
  • Added new highlight animation on updating blocks (Can be disabled in settings)
  • Added option for distance (Metric or Imperial)
  • Added 'Crackberry' as an option in News Feed
  • Added new pages in Tutorial to reflect new features
  • Added random popup to join ReFocus BBM Channel once in a while
  • Active frame adjusted to show the colors from the current theme in Tilt
  • Active frame now shows icon on top when frame is longer than wide, and shows icon to the left when frame is wider than long
  • Active frame design tweaked with padding and adjustments
  • ActionItem will be on Signature for 10.3+
  • Tutorial now has a 'cancel' button and is in a Scroll View
  • Tapping on 'Places' block now shows options to Call place, Show in Maps or Open in Foursquare
  • Tapping on 'Events' Block invokes Calendar app as an invokable card
  • Tapping on 'News' Block invokes reader mode Powered by Readability
  • Tapping on 'Email' Block invokes default mail or SMS app
  • 'Battery' Block now displays if your phone is charging
  • 'Weather' Block icon changes depending on the current weather
  • Changed minimum OS version to 10.2 (from 10.0 previously)
  • Changes to Temperature setting now reflect in both 'Weather' and 'Battery' block
  • Changed links in the Settings menu to reflect new social profiles, website and email
  • Changed default color scheme
  • Changed the 'Help' menu to reflect new changes and additions
  • New app icon
  • New icon set for internal icons
  • Improved impact on battery and CPU usage (< 0.5% on average)
  • Refreshing the app now refreshes almost instantly
  • Swiping left on Email block marks that Email as 'Read' from Tilt
  • Removed useless context menus on long press for all blogs
  • Removed spacing between blocks
  • Removed Time display
  • Removed 'Notes' Block

Tilt is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $0.99. If you have already purchased the app, updates are free.

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