Thumbplay Music Store!

Thumbplay has been around for a while as a content provider for such things as ringtones, real tones and games and have now launched their music download service within BlackBerry App World. The application itsself is free to download to your device but costs associated from the use of the app come from downloading full length MP3 Quality, DRM Free music files to your device, all of which can be played on mp3 players, your PC and of course your BlackBerry.

All songs are downloaded via WiFi for faster delivery or over 3G, EDGE and with music starting at $0.69 and going up from there the service is a cost effective way to get your music on the go. Paypal and debit cards are accepted for the payment processing so that makes it just that much easier.

The application itself is nice. Once downloaded and installed to your BlackBerry you can preview songs directly from it which makes accidental purchases of bad music impossible. So there goes my excuse for having Taylor Swift on my BlackBerry. ;)