Thumb Formula Racing is another game that you won't find in BlackBerry World, but instead you'll need to hit up one of the Android stores to grab the APK. I used Snap to install the game on my Z30 and for those of you that haven't done this before there is a link to the full instructions at the base of the article.

With the F1 season now in full swing and the BlackBerry sponsored MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS team doing rather well this may inspire you to stick this one on your BlackBerry. It's free too, which is always a bonus and although in the video I made the mistake of presuming that there would be in-app purchases. I was actually very wrong - you just collect coins to spend on upgrades and bonus items.

As you would imagine it's all about getting first place with this one. As the name suggests - you control your car using the two tabs at the base of the display which are perfectly suited for your thumb/thumbs - allowing for one and two handed play. Under these are your boost tab as well as look behind you. There is also a tab at the top to switch the camera angle so you can either be in the car or behind it.

Thumb Formula Racing is far from easy but if you like a challenge then it will suit you perfectly. Due to the game being played in portrait mode I haven't even bothered to try and install it on my Q10. For all touch BlackBerry 10 handsets it's a right bobby dazzler!

Key features:

  • Realistic view from the cockpit of the car

  • Optimized manoeuvrability for mobile (playable with 1 thumb in portrait mode)

  • 120 levels with rewards

  • Coins to collect in each level

  • 24 cars to unlock

  • HD Graphics, sounds and interfaces

  • Entirely FREE (no in-app purchase)

Load it up and let us know what you think?

How to use Snap to install Android APK's