Throw The Knife for the BlackBerry PlayBook attracted my attention this week as the graphics looked to be pretty sweet and I wasn't disappointed. I managed to download the free version which is add supported but there is also a paid edition which costs $1.99.

As you would expect from the title of the game it is all about knife throwing. There are two styles of games within Throw The Knife. The first is the arcade style where you need to save Buddy, a rag doll type of dude. The problem is that he is getting covered in flies and mosquitos so you must throw your knives to destroy them.

The other style of game is a lot harder where you just have various targets moving across the screen and you must hit them with your knives. You only get three lives so miss a few and it is game over.

The game is smooth and with great sound effects as well as graphics. Well worth checking out. 

Features of Throw The Knife Include:

  • Beautiful, fun, quirky artwork and sounds!
  • Endless hours of fun - the better you play, the more you play. 
  • Lots of sharp objects to hurl at those pesky flies! (Plus a secret one hidden somewhere in the game!)
  • Big selection of fun costumes to dress up your knife throwing buddy! 
  • Many types of background boards to choose from!
  • Different types of game modes, including a "Bloody Mode" - it's exactly how it sounds.

For some reason I couldn't find the free version in App World on the web but it is there on my PlayBook. Alternatively if you want to grab the premium version you can do so below:

More information/Download Throw The Knife (paid) for the BlackBerry PlayBook