A year ago today Kevin, Bla1ze, Marcus and I were on location in NYC for the global unveiling of BlackBerry 10 — to say it was a big day for us would be an understatement. After hanging out in the lobby with tons of other people from the media for what seems like hours, we rushed our way to the first line of press tables to ensure we had a good vantage point for the rest of the day. Once we got settled and fired up our live blog, Thorsten Heins took the stage to announce BlackBerry 10, the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10.

It was a crazy day that set off months of BlackBerry 10 news, and a year later there is so much to look back on. I was going through some photos from the day (there are loads!) and figured I'd post up a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure. So here are my top 10 photos from the BB10 Experience in NYC. Take a look through them, drop your thoughts in the comments. If you happen to have any photos of your own please share them with us too!

Marcus and Kevin on scene before heading into the event. There was a scary vortex tunnel through those doors, but we survived.


Thorsten on stage, just seconds before the Z10 and Q10 popped up on the big screen. 


This one needs no words. Good riddance hair.


Marcus, Bla1ze and Kevin hard at work.


The hallway leading into the event. Very dark and very purple.


Thorsten Heins announces that RIM will be forever known as BlackBerry from here on out.


Just a quick shot that I love. Team BlackBerry!


This one really summed it all up for me. Just a simple "10". love this shot.