Remember the good ole days of Black Friday when the Echo Dot was going for $30? Yah, well, forget it. That's in the past. The Echo Dot has spent most of its time since then selling for its normal $50 price. Right now you can get one for $10 off, though, and that's not too bad. If you've already started your Alexa-enabled smart home system and want to add a new device to your bedroom or kitchen, you can do it with the best direct discount we've seen this year.

If you've never owned an Echo device before, Amazon is making them smarter every day. All you have to do is talk to Alexa to play your favorite music, connect to your smart home devices, or have a feminine robotic voice read you a bedtime story. You can also communicate with hands-free phone calls, request a Lyft, or order pizza without standing up.

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