The One Plan

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Over the past few months, we've seen UK networks scrap their unlimited data plans for monthly data allowances ranging from 500MB to 1GB, sometimes 2GB. It made sense anyway since their unlimited data plans were not really "unlimited" since there was always a fair usage policy clause in the small print.

Today though, Three UK makes good on the promise of unlimited with their revised The One Plan. They're calling it an All-you-can-eat plan. Yes, that's right there is no fair usage policy here. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it includes tethering. There are quite a lot of BlackBerry users who like to tether, myself included, using the popular Tether app or even via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. This, however, can often lead to charges on your bill as some networks won't allow tethering.

What does this mean for BlackBerry users?

If you travel a lot and need to hook up to the internet on the go and you're currently on the Three network and on The One Plan, then you bag yourself free unlimited tethering. This plan looks a lot better than using their mobile broadband service.

If you're already on the plan then there is nothing you need to do as you automatically get the adjustment made. This offer is also available to new customers. If you are on another Three plan you can switch over to the One Plan by calling customer services. The One Plan tariffs start from £25 a month. For more details visit the Three website.

Source: Three UK

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