Three UK Bold 9900

A couple of weeks ago we told you that Three UK stated the release date (listed on their coming soon page) for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 was due on the network in August. Upon revisiting this same page however, the date has been changed to September, further fueling the uncertainly on the exact release date of the much anticipated device. Jump onto the Carphone Warehouse coming page and you'll find that they've given a more vague "Expected August" release date - noting the ‘expected due date is subject to change without notice'.

On another note, the SIM free price has been confirmed as £399, which sounds just about right as the Bold 9780/9700 were priced in that range too. You can also find the BlackBerry Bold 9900 available for pre-order already on such sites as Expansys.

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Source: Phones Review

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