Three new BBM Sticker packs available - MotoGP, Moonicornz and Precious Moments

I guess BlackBerry decided since they went ahead and announced all BBM Sticker packs were on sale, they'd also go ahead and unleash a small bevy of new ones for folks to choose from. Joining the line up now is MotoGP, Moonicornz and Precious Moments.

  • MotoGP - Gear up for some high flying stickers with this cutting edge MotoGP pack!
  • Moonicornz - Moonicornz is a social expressions brand from Brandberry about cow/unicorn hybrids and their bedtime friends like the Tooth Fairy, flying pigs, counting sheep and bed bugs. They are the creators of the Milky Way and jump over the moon at end of each day. (Sidenote: There's a Doctor Who cow with a TARDIS, you know I bought this pack)
  • Precious Moments - The precious moments pack was put together by Pico Candy and features several stickers highlighting Samuel J Butcher's Precious Moments line of artwork and designs.

All the sticker packs are live right now and available for purchase, you can hit the embedded links for each one and open them in your browser to be taken to the BBM Shop. You can also check out the pack images below.

Precious Moments