Digging around the CrackBerry Forums today, one thread I spotted that was getting some serious traffic was the news from CBC that three more senior executives would be exiting BlackBerry. Taking a look through the list of those departing, one has already apparently been gone for over a month now and can be found working at Amazon yet, the information is just now coming about. The other two, consisting of Doug Kozak, vice-president, corporate information technology operations and Graeme Whittington, vice-president, service operations come shortly after BlackBerry announced recent layoffs.

BlackBerry grew up quickly. You promote internally and when you start implementing accountabilities, you realize that some people are not right for the job.Ofutur, CrackBerry Member

In the broad scope of it all, the information really isn't all that interesting. We knew more people would be exiting the company and more layoffs were bound to happen. Even the confirmation CBC obtained from BlackBerry's Rebecca Freiburger, confirms it's an ongoing process - "We are in the second phase of our transformation plan where we will be assessing our organization — from top to bottom — to ensure we have the right people in the right roles with the right skill sets to drive new opportunities in mobile computing."

BlackBerry is in a long term plan for FUTURE growth. There's no opportunity for a VP to move up quickly now. ​The hammer has come down, and execs have to EARN their bonuses. allisos, CrackBerry Member

The interesting aspect to all this is the varied responses from folks in the CrackBerry Forums, for which there has been many. Some people see it as 'trimming the fat' while other folks see it as a terrible sign of the company going further down the drain. Now, I'm no stock analyst, nor do I own any stock in BlackBerry but I did manage to learn one thing over the years and that's that BlackBerry was a significantly large company and there was plenty of extra baggage, especially now that BlackBerry 10 has arrived and folks from the old architecture are no longer needed.

Either they are seeing a sinking ship and jumping off or they were part of bbry's problems.kbz1960, CrackBerry Member

Still though, many see it as terrible times ahead and that's understandable. Low stock, many layoffs and a not so great quarter. Are those who don't see it as negative though looking through rose-colored glasses? Maybe some. But what if it's all for the betterment of the company and the people exiting weren't really needed any more? Maybe they just wanted to move on. For example, Doug Kozak was at BlackBerry for 13 years and prior to that at Bell for 18. No doubt he's done well for himself. Maybe it was just time to kick it on a beach somewhere with some mojitos.

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